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Handset User & Operator On-Site Training Guide

Guidance for Customer Training Schedules

We can arrange training on most manufacturer's systems and will be happy to advise you. Please contact us for more information.


SS5550IP Console* Max 3 people   Max 2 sessions per day
SC2000* Max 3 people Max 2 sessions per day
Superset 7, 7DN or 700* Max 3 people Max 2 sessions per day
SC1000 (aka Superset 6DN) Max 3 people Max 2 sessions per day
SS5220/5320 + PKM (2 hrs) Max 3 people Max 2 sessions per day
* These are 3-hour training sessions

Handset Training

POT, PIP, SS4000 (1 hr) Max 10 people Max 5 sessions per day
All other current Superset models
[4000, 5000, 5200 & 5300 sets]
(1.5 hrs)    
Max 10 people Max 4 sessions per day
When planning sessions, always allow a 15-minute break between each session, to allow for any that may over-run.

Old Models

SS3DN, SS4DN, SS4 (COV), SS400, SS420, SS430 - treat as 1.5hr sessions, 10 people, 4 sessions per day.


If a site is using voicemail, always add 15 minutes to each session time.

'Super Users' aka 'Train the Trainer' Sessions

These training sessions are extended in length by 30 minutes over the standard training session times. The trainer will then ensure that the Super Users are competent to train their colleagues. Advanced system features are also covered in these sessions in order to provide an ongoing training service to their colleagues once we have left site.

BIS (Bring In to Service) day

This should always be considered as a non-training day. The trainer is present to primarily support the Operator(s). Only when the Operator(s) are comfortable with the new system, will the trainer then be available to walk the site checking that the users are coping and answering any general questions. The trainer will also show any users who have missed the formal training the absolute basics. The trainer is also there to collect any programming changes required by the users and feed them back to the engineer.

Another consideration concerns sites having 80+ users. In these cases plan to have 2 trainers on site for the BIS day. This allows 1 trainer to run a helpdesk and the other to perform the walkabout training. On larger sites generally add 1 extra trainer per 80 users to cover BIS.

On very high profile, or sites over 200 users it is also worth booking a trainer to continue cover for a day or two after BIS, in addition to the BIS day itself.

System Administrators

System administration training is available to teach new administrators how to manage and control a variety of system features. This type of training is especially important when new administrators have little or no previous telecoms knowledge or experience, but is equally important at all levels to ensure the new system is utilised to its maximum capability. Even those administrators with previous Mitel experience may benefit from further training to ensure they are fully 'up-to-date' with the latest features. See our Training Portfolio for full details of System Administration training.

Please contact us for more information.

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